Thursday, November 3, 2011

Moved to a New Site

As I use Wordpress for my self-hosted sites I decided to move this site to their free blogging platform for the sake of having the similar interface.

While I won't retire this site I won't be adding any new posts at this URL.

The new site will have the same title (Journey of Trust) and I have ported all this old content over. You can use the links in this post to access the new site. The primary differences will be that all new content will be added at that site and the site will have a different look to it since I will be using one of the themes that are available.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Is any way clear ere I reach the goal?
Though only one course as a labyrinth
The serpentine way leaves this traveler wondering whether I come or go.
Even an elusive goal hovering on my minds periphery
Draws my dreamer's imagination into its midst.
As I finally navigate those final feet
Desires I refused to hope could be
Are revealed as His purpose, His gift to me
From the day He "wrote" my life into being.

A blessing waiting for His timing
To brighten a road of stress and trial.
Preparing me for the story of a life
Which will somehow touch others around me.
Supporting and encouraging through circumstances
Seeming interminable as they mount one on another.

Though each of us treads a unique path
His ultimate desire is for companionship from us.
He wishes us the joy of life that things and money can never provide.
Love and provision He possesses in abundance.
They will never be depleted
He must confer them on His creation.
We then reciprocate and reflect these qualities
For struggling companions along our route.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lord, Protector and Provider

Copyright 2009 by Melissa Meeks - All Rights Reserved

Ensconced in Your embrace, I’m securely concealed
Your sanctuary high above shelters me from harm
My weary soul soaks in sustenance and renewal
Amidst the secluded retreat of Your presence

Dense, forbidding stone masks lush, peaceful meadows
Where Your children delight in unique fellowship
Guests are overwhelmed by blessings beyond human grasp
Your ever open arms beckon us to a much needed refuge.

June 2009
Melissa Meeks

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ever-Present Father

Copyright 2009 by Melissa Meeks - All Rights Reserved

You’ve seen all before I ever encounter it
You know my choices since the day I was conceived
‘Til the day I come home to You for Eternity
I cannot see the light of hope through the fog of adversity
Trapped in the deepest darkness of despair
Yet I want to believe it can only be up from here.

You should be all I need especially through storms & trials
Yet struggle to manage alone, cannot run to sheltering arms,
And the hand that holds me upright when I lean into it
You should be all I need or desire, though still I find
Physical touch and tangible support lacking,
Human connections rare or absent from my life.

That you should reach out and wrap Your arms around me
Now or ever seems impossible, yet if Your power
Conquers even death & erases every sin
How can I question Your love or ability to sustain me
Your hugs & touch must be beyond human imagining
Even if Your presence or proximity appears intangible.

May 2009
Melissa Meeks

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Copyright 2008 by Melissa Meeks - All Rights Reserved

Dear to my heart
Though ever so fragile
Desires alone comprise naught.
Dare I release them?
It could be You
Knocking at my heart.
Still –
I fear human voracity talking.
Your peace shall prevail
Multiply my blessings.
When I seek You –
I Risk – I Hope – I Fly!

September 2008
Melissa Meeks

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Father of Love

Copyright 2008 by Melissa Meeks - All Rights Reserved

Wrapped in Your strong embrace
Sheltering arms engulf me
With Your Comfort and Peace
Despite the storms of life
Waves of turmoil cease in Your presence
Comfort and confidence that elude me
Emanate from You to permeate my being

Only You provide ultimate care and healing
The Divine Artist, able to reassemble the picture
In this puzzle You first created if I only let go
Allow You to freely arrange my unique pieces
Properly place them as You purposed
Breathtaking beauty and passion
Will blossom in Your service

February 2008
Melissa Meeks

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Defining Me

Copyright 2007 by Melissa Meeks - All Rights Reserved

Only the One who created me
Can define who I am
Choices influence feeling and circumstances
But will never change Your love for me

I am Your Beloved,
A princess, daughter of the King
Your truth cannot change
You remain the same for eternity

I am unique, designed for a special role
Conceived by my heavenly Father’s vast imagination
There are no auditions
You embossed the script on my heart

If I define myself apart from Your design
The mire of life encompasses me
Your map for my journey becomes illegible
The path fades to nothingness

When I turn back to Your open arms
The way is obvious once more
Pursuing Your intent for me elicits true fulfillment
Your delight in me flourishes

July 2007
Melissa Meeks